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Film swap project: Part 3

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I just ended (and shipped) the first two sessions of my film swap project: Italy VS Slovakia and Italy VS Latvia, why did I choose those names? Because one of my film swap friend, Arne the guy from Latvia, did another film swap named “Latvia VS U.S.A.” with a lady from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I will not reveal what the films contain however i will tell a trick for who wants to do a film swap project:

Go to the main bus station (where you can find many buses ). You can go to the central train/metro/… station as well Take a bus at random and get off when you reach the terminal If you notice something interesting in the middle of the trip you can get off the bus and make a shot Take 3 to 5 shots Go back to home or to the bus main station Session ends Go to step 1 until you ended your roll The same applies to a 120 film but you should make at most 2 shots per session.

Arne gave me two advices about the shipment:

  • mark the package/envelope with PHOTO FILM INSIDE. PLEASE DO NOT X-RAY
  • wrap the film into an aluminium sheet

I hope Arne and Nina can receive my films soon …

FIXME Update: Nina received my package, she will start shooting as soon as possible …

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